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  • Extreme Heat EAS

    Director / Willie Barnman – Robbie Thomas Voices – Acapela-Box,, TextAloud, Robbie Thomas WRQ Jingle – Wu Dancehall WRQ Tracks – Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile Old School TV Clip – Bosko – Shipwrecked (1931) Advertisements – O’Reilly’s, ExtenZe (that lady is annoying), GoPro Phone Photos – Pixabay, Prince Photos,, Brett Sayles, Associated […]

  • Hello folks!

    If you are reading this blog post before 16 Nov 2022, then you must’ve stumbled upon this because I haven’t advertised this website. Anyways, here is my YouTube channel called: WishesNetwork. It’s mainly mock EAS/News vids. I did quit officially on 7 Jan 2021, the day after the US Capitol Riot but I’ve decided to […]

  • Hello world!

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