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  • Macomb County TV

    Macomb County TV, previously known as Macomb County Community Television, is a community TV network based in Macomb County, Michigan. Besides it’s Bulletin Board Program provided by Acora Systems, the network offers local entertainment. The stations runs it’s bulletin board network with WRQ playing in the background since the Spring of 2019. Macomb County TV can be seen in Detroit’s local area, cable and a […]

  • WTOW

    WTOW is a conservative radio station based south of Ann Arbor, Michigan 2024 Nuclear Plant Incident WTOW did news of the situation with Josh Skillington at the mic. Skillington was alone and confused about what to do with the situation due to WTOW being in the radius of lockdown. Skillington would later get drunk and […]

  • WRQ

    WRQ is a 24-hour all-news AM radio station in Detroit. It plays in the background of Macomb County TV as of May 2019. The station employs Rod Cambridge, Russ Lindberg, Peter Handley, Tracy Burns, and Willie Barnman. WRQ is a CBS affiliate. Rod Cambridge’s late father previously worked at WRQ. 2017 Soundboard Hack WRQ was the first […]

  • WSOL

    WSOL is a conservative religious radio station based in Summit County, Ohio in Swindleburg Heights. It previously carried the Reverend Paul Haney show. 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy Christian YouTube duo Bryan and Jordan Parrish had interfered with operation Ventana Distraction and confessed their reasons why on ATC radio. They stated they were not going to leave […]

  • CNN

    CNN (also known as the Cable News Network) is a 24-hour news network that started in the early 1980s. From 2016 to around 2021, the station mainly spent much time covering the negative press about then-President Donald Trump. 2019 Detroit Zombie Tradgey In Toxic Spill/Zombies III, CNN covers the news of the Zombie situation including […]