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  • Fook Yue Chinese

    Fook Yue Chinese is a small franchise of restaurants with two in Macomb County and the new one in Macomb’s West neighbor Oakland County. Fook Yue Chinese is often sponsored on MCTV and two of the restaurants broadcast Macomb County TV.  

  • Eastpointe

    Eastpointe is a city in Macomb County, Michigan. It borders Eight Mile Road. The population was 34,318. 2019 Day of the Twisters Eastpointe suffers a devastating tornado going through it’s downtown area. Despite the High School being in that area, it suffers minimal damage and is later used as a shelter. However, Classic Rock/Oldies station […]

  • Swindleburg Heights

    Swindleburg Heights is a fictional town in Ohio. Located in Summit County. Unlike most cities and towns mentioned in WishesNetwork vids, Swindleburg Heights doesn’t exist. Radio station WSOL is based here. 2021 Supernatural Threat On 25 October 2021, an unknown number of dark apparitions instantly killed 267 people in the small town. The supernatural force […]