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  • Dora Krandle

    Born 1978. Dora Krandle is a producer for WRQ, usually paired with Rod Cambridge. She was present with Rod sometime after Shawn Haws turned into a zombie-like state. Life before WRQ Dora Krandle is one of the four characters from Robbie’s Mourning In Hochington series (under the pen name of Adrian Henderson). Dora is a […]

  • Tracy Burns

    Tracy Burns is the morning newswoman on WRQ. She is on weekday mornings from 5am-11am. She has been featured on the Poltergeist EAS Scenario.

  • Agent Golden

    Born 1973. Golden is a retired FBI agent who assisted with the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy, The Great Lakes Bomber, and the 2021 Eastern United States Supernatural Tragedy. She retired from the FBI in late 2021. 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragdey Agent Golden receives information about a special interest group called Love 4 Michigan’s (L4MI) failure […]

  • Rev. Paul Haney

    Reverend Paul Haney was a preacher based in Summit County, Ohio. He did a daily religious talk program on WSOL and was syndicated among a few other stations in the Great Lakes area. The Reverend Paul Haney Show, besides religious talk, could also be seen as a doomsday prediction show. 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy Reverend Paul Haney […]

  • Russ Lindberg

    Russ Lindberg Born 9 Sep 1959 – Died 27 May 2024. Russ Lindberg was a newsman for WRQ. Before the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy, he was mainly a field reporter, on chopper 800 giving traffic reports. Prior to that, Russ Lindberg worked at KRW in Los Angeles along with Rod‘s late father, Ken Cambridge and […]

  • Rod Cambridge

    Born on 11 April 1978; Rod Cambridge is a news reporter for Detroit’s All-News station WRQ. Rod is a third-generation reporter, following the footsteps of his late father and late grandmother. He is also an honorary member of the Black Phantoms Motorcycle Club. Rod Cambridge can be heard on WRQ usually during the lunchtime hours on the […]

  • Claire Barrington

    Born in September 1983 – died on 25 July 2024, Claire Barrington-Brockman was a field reporter for WRQ. On 30 July 2019, Claire Barrington was near the truck spill at Van Dyke and Metro Parkway when it exploded. Personal Life On 31 March 2019, Willie Barnman announced on the WRQ airwaves that she got married […]