Bryan and Jordyn

Bryan and Jordyn were religious husband-and-wife YouTubers who interfered with Operation Ventana Distraction during the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy

In the early hours, Bryan and Jordyn got on a plane in Summit County, Ohio with Jordyn as pilot. The two went on this plane ride supposedly by Rev. Paul Haney. The two flew into a TFR where the FBI and Military were attempting to send zombies away from the Ventana Nuclear Plant and towards a gated country club. Bryan while communicating with Agent Golden and other authorities freely admit to the intrusion. Golden sternly warns the two to leave, but Bryan continues to quote bible scripture. After the final warning, Jordyn makes a fatal mistake when piloting the plane and crashes close to Ventana Nuclear Power Plant. The two die for the crash.

Rev. Paul Haney admits he had a hand in this interference on his morning radio show on WSOL. The FCC later pulls the plug on that station for that day.

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