Alex Hunter

(Born: 22 Aug 1995 / Died: 31 July 2019) Alex Hunter was an activist for Love 4 Michigan, a former liberal special interest group mainly in Southeastern Michigan.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy

The liberal special interest group Love 4 Michigan was gathering zombies in the Ann Arbor area. With the intent to keep zombies stored in the barn and prevent them from being attacked by civilians and authorities. The operation fell apart and zombies attacked most of the members of the group, including the leader of the cause, a doctor. A few got away from this, which includes Alex Hunter. Alex tweets about the failure and she is not sure where she is at and pleads for help. Her information is gathered by Ann Arbor Police and is sent to the FBI’s Detroit Office.

Alex is contacted by Agent Golden with Alex telling of the tragedy. She tells Golden she is hiding in a barn and cannot tell which direction she is from the Ventana Nuclear Power Plant. This causes more confusion on the FBI so they attempt to ping her information. Alex sees the leader of the plan in the zombie form. Alex tells Golden she needs to help him. Against Golden’s suggestion, Alex exits the barn and attracts the zombies nearby. She screams on the phone and later the call gets disconnected.

Golden soon after calls the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Department to exchange info. She tells the officer on the phone that Alex is “highly likely” in the zombie form.


  • Alex’s name is bleeped out in the movie. A user named SquadPatrolRulez gave Alex her last name and birthdate.

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