Macomb County TV

Macomb County TV, previously known as Macomb County Community Television, is a community TV network based in Macomb County, Michigan. Besides it’s Bulletin Board Program provided by Acora Systems, the network offers local entertainment. The stations runs it’s bulletin board network with WRQ playing in the background since the Spring of 2019. Macomb County TV can be seen in Detroit’s local area, cable and a few municipalities & restaurants in the Macomb County area. Including Fook Yue Chinese.

2017 Soundboard Hack

Then known as Macomb Community Television, while broadcasting WYIP, MCTV fell victim to an EAS hack. Although WYIP had it’s EAS hacked, MCTV detected this ands later warned it’s viewers of an emergency. Later turning out to be bogus.

2019 April Fools Prank

A staffer by the name of Benji Holt, accessed the Bulletin Board’s Devastation Templates to tell of a bogus Alien Attack. This was during a time where a few folks were going to catch a local Girls High School Volleyball game. Holt bragged about this on Twitter. This prompted the President of MCTV to terminate Holt’s employment by replying to his tweet. WRQ later announced that MCTV will remove the devastation templates out of the network and allow the Macomb County Sheriff’s to access the network in case of emergencies. Later, MCTV would allow MEMO to access the network for the same reasons.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy

On 30 July 2019, Macomb County TV, along with WRQ, warned residents about the toxic spill which later lead to a zombie takeover. Macomb County Sheriff’s Department would later take over the station with some noticeable glitches at first. WRQ would leave the air and unmanned community station WWVP would take over. The visual part of MCTV would be ran by the President of MCTV, who was on vacation at the time. Then later MEMO.

The next morning at 3:15 AM, WWVP went off the air due to a zombie takeover of the station’s building. Shortly thereafter, the audio was set to Detroit’s NPR station. As the situation digressed, MCTV maintained some control and put WRQ back on. At that time, a few staffers were able to relay information to the viewers.

2021 Supernatural Threat

Macomb County TV viewers were updated on the news of the incidents in Leonard, Michigan and the upper rural areas of Macomb County on 25 October 2021. Special interest group Macomb County Mothers 4 Values advertised a PSA with the attempted cancellation of Rod Cambridge and WRQ. During the events of the Supernatural Threat, the MCTV audience saw one side of an argument between a law enforcement official and the Macomb County Spy.

2024 Ventana Plant Incident

Macomb County TV viewers were updated on information about the meltdown at Ventana Nuclear Power Plant. However, no evasive action was necessary for any resident in the county due to the Nuclear Plant being far from Macomb County. Later, Macomb County residents were advised to lookout for suspect David Gardner. He would have a standoff with St. Clair Shores Police & The Macomb County Sheriff’s Department. Gardner would later turn the gun on himself. In the late-night hours of the incident, Macomb County TV would encounter some glitches due to brownouts in the County.

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