Macomb County Spy

The Macomb County Spy is an unknown male that engages in top secret missions within the Macomb County area. He is given cryptic messages via Macomb County TV‘s ticker.

2020 Great Lakes Bomber

The Macomb County Spy was told not to trust the smiling penguin.

2020 Alien Attack

The Macomb County Spy was told that some boots were made for walking. And that’s NOT what they are supposed to do.

2021 Supernatural Threat

In the beginning, the Macomb County Spy was told that Lenny didn’t do it. During that mission, persons monitoring the spy heard the sound of someone passing gas. Viewers of MCTV saw one side of the argument between the monitors and the Spy. One of the monitors became more agitated by the spy’s denial. Which later he challenged him to a street fight.

On 28 October 2021, Rod Cambridge reports on WRQ that an altercation which led to the monitor being sent to the hospital. On that same day, viewers of MCTV saw the monitor, play the victim and threatened to sue the Macomb County Spy for the hospital bill and emotional distress.

2024 Heat Wave

The Macomb County Spy is told to find a woman holding a green envelope. Later, he was told to go to building M.

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