Samantha Brock

Note: This is based on the fictional WishesNetwork universe.

Samantha Brock (Born 16 July 1969) is the 46th President of the United States, beating President Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. Thus, making Brock the first female President of the United States and second candidate to make it to the final cut, the first being Hillary Clinton. Her predecessor had repeated claims that the 2020 Election was rigged and caused the situation at the Capitol on 6 Jan 2021. President Brock is a Democrat.

2021 Eastern United States Supernatural Tragedy

President Brock addressed the nation on 26 Oct 2021 when supernatural beings came from portals in Gary, Indiana, Florida, Leonard, Michigan and Amityville, New York. Brock orders the four places (at that time) that had supernatural activity to be demolished.

The next day, the Pennsylvania calls President Brock for help when demons come from the near-ghost town of Centralia. Brock agrees to bring help. While authorities fight the demonic threat, Special Agent Golden contacts the White House Situation Room and eventually gets to President Brock. Golden reports that the demons can easily be killed by gunfire but they continue to exit out of the portal. Brock tells Golden that she will be sending the Air Force to drop a bomb in Centralia to combat the threat and hangs up on her. However, the bomb mission was later cancelled.

After the threat was over, Brock ordered a few captured demons with high intelligence to be in prisoned in an undisclosed location.

2024 Ventana Nuclear Plant Incident

President Brock was in Indiana making an appearance when the nuclear plant incident happened. She addressed the nation at 7pm that day. During the address, she defended Nuclear Power but urged congress to promote more regulation to further prevent these kinds of incidents. She also received criticism from Donald Trump.

2024 Heat Wave

President Brock debates future President Marjorie Taylor Greene (known as Marjorie Thompson Yellow) in Detroit. The next day, Brock urges congress to take measures against climate change. She urges calm in Phoenix and asks for patience.

2024 Election

Samantha Brock lost the election to Republican incumbent Marjorie Taylor Greene. Unlike her predecessor, she conceded the election and wished her luck.

2026 Zombie Incident

While at Democratic party rally at Belkin Sports Arena, both Michigan Governor Zaid Al-Rahmani and Brock were contaminated by the z-86 virus when Benji Holt managed to throw a canister on stage. The two were evacuated from the arena. Later, Brock transitioned into the zombie state.

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