Marjorie Taylor Greene

Note: This is based on the fictional WishesNetwork universe. Don’t get your undies in a bundle on this.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Born 1974) is the 47th President of the United States starting in 2025. A Republican, she is the first Republican female President and the second overall, the first being her predecessor, Samantha Brock.

Greene is a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory and often refuses to work with Democrats, referring to most of them as Satan Worshipping Pedophiles.

2024 Heat Wave (known as Marjorie Thompson Yellow)

Then as Presidential Candidate, Greene stated that the Heat Wave was caused by mock EAS creators at a defunct Gentleman’s Club called the Titty Twister. Greene also stated that a dead YouTuber was the leader of this pact.

2025 Pacific Coast Nightmare

President Greene was at her home city of Rome, Georgia when the series of earthquakes hit the Pacific. Greene addressed the nation, but refused to directly talk to any of the governors of those states affected due to them being Democrat and asks to work with Republican ‘liasions’ instead. She accused Oregon Governor Sanford of being a part of a cabal of Satan Worshipping Pedophiles and refuses to send help unless Sanford confesses and resigns. That was met with refusal from that said Governor. The Washington liaison also refused and her California liaison died in the Los Angeles earthquake.

In a leaked phone call, Greene stands by her refusal to talk to Democrats and had an idea that she can turn the Pacific area to align with Christianity. This quickly lead to protests at the White House and also her Rome, Georgia home. She leaves her house due to the protests in Rome getting harsh. On her way to an nearby Air Force base, she goes on a Twitter rant. KRW later reports a tweet from Greene saying she is in a undisclosed location and on her way to the White House. However, on that tweet, the location states that Greene is at an Air Force base in Alabama.

2026 Zombie Situation

On 6th May 2026, president green is briefed about the missing z-86 virus canisters. Her orders lead to a General contacting the Macomb County executive. After this, she leaves for official business to London, England. The next day, upon hearing the news of her predecessor transitioning into the Zombie State, she tweets unsympathetic words and says that Brock wasn’t legitimately elected in 2020.


In the 2024 Heat Wave scenario, Greene was referred to as Marjorie Thompson Yellow. This was due to the scenario being created at a time where she was up for re-election that she later won. In Pacific Coast Nightmare, she is referred to her actual name.

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