Toxic Spill / Zombies II EAS

Info for the second of three parts of Toxic Spill / Zombies. Click for One and Three

Director / Toledo Oldies DJ / Damien Grant: Robbie Thomas

Toledo / Creative Consultant: Allan Hollywood

Map Of Michigan:

Zombie Sound Effects: Jojikiba & MsSoundEffects

Walking On Grass: Jojikiba

Crowd Sound Effects: Berlin Atmospheres

Car Sound Effects: AR Sound Effects

44 Magnum Gunshot: Hyperview

1980s Radio Sound Effects: AmbienceTV

Extra Static Sound: Ivan187 (now known as The Bronze Cat)

FBI Office Background / Phone Dialing Noise: SoundLikeTube

Computer Voices: Natural Voices / NCH Wave Editor

WHAC Newsroom: Vachom /

Additional Sounds: NCH Wave Editor


Haunting Dreams by Twin Musicom

About That Oldie by Vibe Tracks

Pacific Sun by Nicolas Heidias Music

Northeast Of Tenebrae by Gold Taurus

WLFF Jingles by Wu Dancehall

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