WRQ is a 24-hour all-news AM radio station in Detroit. It plays in the background of Macomb County TV as of May 2019. The station employs Rod Cambridge, Russ Lindberg, Peter Handley, Tracy Burns, and Willie Barnman. WRQ is a CBS affiliate. Rod Cambridge’s late father previously worked at WRQ.

2017 Soundboard Hack

WRQ was the first Detroit station to be hacked by an unknown hacker on 27 Dec 2017 at 3:37 PM. Rod later reports all hacks at 10 pm later that night.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tradgey

WRQ on 30 July 2019 shortly before 9 pm was overrun by zombies. A security guard, a helicopter pilot, and Shawn Haws were attacked by zombies and later transitioned into zombie form. Rod Cambridge and Russ Lindberg escaped.

Rod Cambridge, along with the Black Phantoms Motorcycle Club regained control of WRQ and began broadcasting the next morning at around 6 am. Rod continued to broadcast until 1:30 pm with the station going to the CBS National Feed for a few days. Usual broadcasting returned on 4 August 2019.

More info coming up soon…


  • WRQ is based on WWJ, an all-news station in Detroit.

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