Rev. Paul Haney

Reverend Paul Haney was a preacher based in Summit County, Ohio. He did a daily religious talk program on WSOL and was syndicated among a few other stations in the Great Lakes area. The Reverend Paul Haney Show, besides religious talk, could also be seen as a doomsday prediction show.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy

Reverend Paul Haney sent popular Christian YouTubers Bryan and Jordyn to Detroit to broadcast live via YouTube on a plane. The two interfered with Operation Ventana Distraction with Bryan interacting with the FBI via radio. FBI Special Agent Janet Golden warns the two to leave, but they refused. Jordyn makes a fatal mistake with flying the plane and crashes 1/2 mile away from the Ventana Nuclear Power Plant.

Reverend Paul Haney sees this as a victory a short time later on his radio show. Next to be pulled off the air by the FCC.

2021 Supernatural Threat

On Tuesday 25 October 2021, Reverend Paul Haney discusses the previous day and the morning’s supernatural events and theorizes that hell is coming to Earth. This broadcast was from WSOL and syndicated to other stations. Later that night, the town of Swindleburg Heights and WSOL fall victim to a supernatural force that kills one-third of the town’s population, not to mention taking over their station.

At the same time, Haney gets arrested in Akron, Ohio with meth and also buying a prostitute. Although a fast news day, the news of his arrest makes it to the wires. Especially at WRQ, much to Rod Cambridge‘s drunken amusement. Three days later, Haney takes the airwaves again, this time and Elorna, Indiana. He solicits donations for his upcoming mission to Centralia, Pennsylvania. He later gets bombarded by prank calls, including a female caller claiming she got an STD from him.

2024 Ventana Plant Incident

Before WTOW signs off with the automated countdown, the voice mentions the “late Paul Haney.” It is unknown when in 2021-2024 or how Paul Haney died.

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