Extreme Heat EAS

Director / Willie BarnmanRobbie Thomas

VoicesAcapela-Box, www.tetyys.com, TextAloud, Robbie Thomas

WRQ Jingle – Wu Dancehall

WRQ TracksSuper Human Intelligence Towards Exile

Old School TV ClipBosko – Shipwrecked (1931)

Advertisements – O’Reilly’s, ExtenZe (that lady is annoying), GoPro Phone

PhotosPixabay, Prince Photos, WpClipart.com, Brett Sayles, Associated Press

VideosArnav Kainthola, Katy Landers, Movavi Video

SoundsBerlin Atmospheres, NCH Wave Editor

Made with Movavi Video Editor 2022


Brain – George Edgar Martindell

The Greener Passage – Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile (fka Shite)

Good Ole Days – Trammel Starks

Celestial BodiesAries Beats

Eidolism – Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile

Weatherscan Music Track 22

Dedicated to the ones we lost this year:

Sam Marino, Bobby Black, James Darling, Chris Thomas, Wilford Guy, Paul Prosky Sr., Mary Millay, Mitch Zielonka, Cheryl Johnson, Angela Hairston

And also Irene Cara

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