Rod Cambridge

Born on 11 April 1978; Rod Cambridge is a news reporter for Detroit’s All-News station WRQ. Rod is a third-generation reporter, following the footsteps of his late father and late grandmother. He is also an honorary member of the Black Phantoms Motorcycle Club. Rod Cambridge can be heard on WRQ usually during the lunchtime hours on the weekdays but also does occasional weekends and nights.

Early Life

As a Toddler, Rod lived in Philadelphia, PA. His late father covered the Centraila incident. Rod was also a Rock DJ in Watertown, SD. Rod in his pre-teen to teenage years also lived in Los Angeles. He also was in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots. He also did play-by-play announcer roles in his high school years.


In 2017-2019, Rod played a newsman at WRQ from 5 pm-10 pm. He covered the power outage in St. Clair County and also the Soundboard Hacks. Rod was in the WRQ building on 26 June 2019 when the building got struck by lightning. Rod also covered the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy in two intervals. The zombie outbreak entered the WRQ building while Rod broadcasted. He and Russ Lindberg escaped the outbreak.

At around 1 am that day, Rod called WHAC to report the residents of Detroit fighting back the zombies. With the help of the Black Phantoms Motorcycle Club, Rod returned to WRQ to broadcast during the tragedy. After the tragedy, Rod began to develop PTSD and a drinking problem. He would later move from the evening to the lunchtime spot: 10 am-3 pm, while Russ Lindberg moved to the midnight shift.

Rod broadcasted during the Great Lakes Bomber tragedy. Including the time they captured Ben Greenhorn. He had to come to work hungover after drinking heavily the previous day. During the Alien Attack in South Dakota, Rod told the WRQ listeners of the incident. Two days later, he told the WRQ listeners of the end of the incident.

Rod was also behind the desk during the beginning of the Supernatural Tragedy of 2021. He received a day suspension for his insult to Caitlyn Jenner which saw some outrage from the MCMV. On the day he was suspended, Rod was asked to come in to fill in the late night shift cause of Russ Lindberg’s absence. He was notably drunk and swore on the air. Thanks to producer Dora Krandle, she bleeped it out. Rod continued to cover the events during the Supernatural Crisis including the ending in Michigan.

Rod covered the 2024 Nuclear Plant Incident in Freedom Township, MI. He, and Russ Lindberg, also covered the standoff between David Gardner and the police after the explosion.

Personal Life

Rod has a shed at his home and Shawn Haws (as a zombie) lives there. The two occasionally play video games together, kinda like Shaun of the Dead. Rod has mentioned he was a fan of the game Doom when it came out in his teenage years. Rod is also a fan of the late Walter Cronkite. It is not known if Rod is in a relationship.

Rod is a third-generation journalist. He has mentioned his late father Ken Cambridge also worked in radio. He had a grandmother who was also in radio as well. Rod has said during the Supernatural Tragedy that he thoughts of leaving journalism for a different career, but didn’t have the desire to “start again” and he believed that the world is going to end soon. He has admitted privately that journalism is going in a bad direction and didn’t think highly of CNN.

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