Category: Scenarios

  • Supernatural Threat Series

    Supernatural Threat I – Link Supernatural Threat II – Link Robbie Thomas – Director / Willie Barnman / Liberty 7 / Bristol Call Victim / WSOL Promos / Josh Skillington / Ron from Rochester Hills / A Biker / Memo Voice / Blue Hatted Dork Hollywood Allan – Creative Consultant Sounds / Music Spooky & […]

  • Toxic Spill / Zombies II EAS

    Info for the second of three parts of Toxic Spill / Zombies. Click for One and Three Director / Toledo Oldies DJ / Damien Grant: Robbie Thomas Toledo / Creative Consultant: Allan Hollywood Map Of Michigan: Zombie Sound Effects: Jojikiba & MsSoundEffects Walking On Grass: Jojikiba Crowd Sound Effects: Berlin Atmospheres Car Sound Effects: […]

  • Toxic Spill / Zombies EAS

    Credits for the first of three in the Toxic Spill / Zombie series. Click for Two and Three. Traffic & Zombie Sounds: TheMSSoundEffects Laughing Shawn: AR Sound Effects Police & Emergency Sounds / Jet Fighter Sound: Audio Productions Zombie Grunt: Jojikiba Coughing Sounds: Berlin Atmospheres Screaming Shawn: Buffalo Sound Effects WRQ Music: Super Human Intelligence […]