Supernatural Threat Series

Supernatural Threat I – Link

Supernatural Threat II – Link

Robbie Thomas – Director / Willie Barnman / Liberty 7 / Bristol Call Victim / WSOL Promos / Josh Skillington / Ron from Rochester Hills / A Biker / Memo Voice / Blue Hatted Dork

Hollywood Allan – Creative Consultant

Sounds / Music

Spooky & Horror Sounds – Dark Ambient Royalty Free Music

AM Radio CrackleAmbience World

AM Radio Static – Ambience TV

WGP Music – Chill Out Records

WRQ Music – Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile (fka Shite)

WRQ Jingle – Wu Dancehall

Siren Sounds – Ravien Reuters

Scary Music – State51 Conspiracy

Bong Hit Sounds – All Sounds

Crowd Sounds – Berlin Atmospheres

Sound Boards Used – Arnold / Springfeel Pervert

Other Sounds – NCH Wave Editor

CPU Voices – / Acapela-Box / Natural Voices / Various

Game Over Sound – Super Mario Bros. 3


March On – Dan Lebowitz

Bloody Tears – Quincas Moreira

Stardrive – Jeremy Blake


The Barn Dance from Disney (1929)

The Postal Inspector (1936)

Men’s Minute with Dr. Z (Size does matter!!)


Free Photos


Ramy Kalaban

Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush

Allan Hollywood

Robbie Thomas

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