Dora Krandle

Born 1978. Dora Krandle is a producer for WRQ, usually paired with Rod Cambridge. She was present with Rod sometime after Shawn Haws turned into a zombie-like state.

Life before WRQ

Dora Krandle is one of the four characters from Robbie’s Mourning In Hochington series (under the pen name of Adrian Henderson). Dora is a part of the Krandle family that owns small media outlets in the Great Lakes region, including the Hochington View. She had an older sister that was murdered. Prior to this and briefly after, she was romantically involved with Clay Rarset, one of the heroes of the Hochington Incidents. After this, she worked as a consultant for her family business and work in radio within the umbrella of her family business, but mainly in small cities or country towns. Around 2019-20, she became a news producer for WRQ, which isn’t affiliated with the Krandle Media Group.


Dora helped Rod Cambridge during the reports of the 2020 alien attack and gave him up-to-date info. During the 2021 Supernatural Tragedy, she and Rod Cambridge had to do a night news report of the incidents in New York. Rod was drunk and stoned at the time and accidentally swore on the air when referring to the Cacodemons for Doom. Dora bleeped it out, potentially saving Rod’s job. She was giving Rod minute-by-minute information during the 2024 Ventana Nuclear Power Plant incident.

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