Agent Golden

Born 1973. Golden is a retired FBI agent who assisted with the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy, The Great Lakes Bomber, and the 2021 Eastern United States Supernatural Tragedy. She retired from the FBI in late 2021.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tragdey

Agent Golden receives information about a special interest group called Love 4 Michigan’s (L4MI) failure on storing zombies in a barn in Freedom Township, MI. Golden contacts a woman named Alex to get information and coordinate help for her. However, Alex while hiding walks into a horde of zombies and later transitions into a zombie-like state. Golden later contacts the Washtenaw County Sheriff and later assists in Operation Ventana Distraction.

During the Operation, a rouge plane piloted by a husband and wife Bryan and Jordyn who are fanatical religious YouTubers, flies into the TFR. Golden sternly warns the duo to leave the area or they will be shot down. However, the duo makes a mistake and crashes near the Ventana Nuclear Power Plant. She orders Plan B and she along with other civil authorities shoots and kills zombies nearby the plant.

Great Lakes Bomber

Golden assists in gathering information about the Great Lakes Bomber and later identifies him as Ben Greenhorn. She also interrogates Garrett Blanchard.

2021 Supernatural Threat

Golden is part of the team of civil authorities who assists in the fight against supernatural beings coming from a large fire pit in Centralia, Pennsylvania. She later goes to Sterling Heights to fight against supernatural forces exiting out of a portal coming from The Halo of said city. Or the Golden Butthole of Macomb County as the locals call it. After the Supernatural Threat is neutralized, Golden retires from the FBI.

2024 Ventana Nuclear Plant Incident

No longer an agent, Golden gives out info to CBS & WRQ about David Gardner’s history. She is titled as an Intelligence Professor at the University of Hawaii.

Personal Life

Golden is divorced. She has two sons who live or lived in Denver, Colorado. She had previously lived in the Detroit area. The Zombie and Supernatural Tragedies cause her mental distress, which leads her to leave the FBI in late 2021 to “become homeless in Hawaii.” Yet, in 2024, she is on Hawaii University’s payroll.

Golden may not be a fan of social media. When talking to Alex Hunter during the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy, Golden refers to a tweet as a post. Alex corrects her on this and Golden sternly replies, “That’s not important.”

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